iPhone Camera App For A Beatiful Reminiscence

iPhone Camera App For A Beatiful Reminiscence

Selfie here, selfie there. Take a lot of precious pictures while you can. People nowadays love to be a “photographer”.  Some love to capture their own photos while travelling, others prefer to take a shot of beautiful places they visit, or strange people they meet. In other words, many of us becomes a sudden photographer and capture whatever moments we want. Considering yourself as a “newbie” photographer as you are not using any professional cameras such as SLR or others, you can rely on your iPhone. iPhone original camera, however, still lack of variations of photos filter and editor. So, here are some free iPhone camera app that will enhance the beauty of your captured moments.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is already a famous software for its capabilities in photo editing. Even though the tool bar will appear smaller on your iPhone screen, it is not a big deal, since you can still use Adobe’s popular tools such as selection tools, layers, adjustments, and any other effects to make your photo more outstanding.


Instagram has been popular as a social media application which can capture and edit a picture directly from the app, or simply edit and upload photos already in your gallery. Not only it has various filter and photo editor, you can always directly share your pictures of moments with Instagram.


Luminance is the next recommended iPhone camera app for you. It allows you to do experiments to your photos with several filters available. It also gives you choice of whether you want to resize your photo for editing or stay with the original one.

There are still a lot of amazing iPhone camera app you can try including the paid one such as Camera+, Pro Camera 9, Facetune, and Manual. Both free and paid camera application for iPhone can be downloaded from iTunes App Store.

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