iPhone 7 Plus With Dual Cameras, Will the Rumor becomes True?

iPhone 7 Plus With Dual Cameras, Will the Rumor becomes True?

It seems like yesterday that iPhone just released the 6S plus, yet right now, the iPhone 7 plus will launch in the half quarter of 2016. Rumour has it. Another rumour said that the 7 plus will feature a dual cameras technology with a smart connector near the bottom of the phone. Meanwhile, all the dimensions and designs are pretty similar to what iPhone 6 plus already has but slightly thinner. Let’s take a closer look to the prediction of iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras.

Unlike the previous 6S model, iPhone 7 plus will not have antenna bars. Ceramic will be the material of the body instead of alumunium. Moreover, the rumours spread all over the internet said that there will be no either headphone jack or lightning port. Speaking of which, iPhone 7 plus will likely show up with a lot of functions omitted, including the home button. It will be replaced by a 3D technology touch screen that already displayed on iPhone 6S. When iPhone thinks that gorilla glass is an old style, and that they will use sapphire glass which is stronger than the gorilla. Indeed, an iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras should get a best protection to avoid the dissapointment of any damages.

Another iPhone 7 Plus new features which will not be found in other models of iPhone are its sensitivity over using a gloves, capable in drying out of wet iPhone, wireless charging, USB C-Port, dynamic home button, iOS 10, 32 GB storage starter, A10 processor, 3GB RAM, and a hundred times faster new wireless, LiFi. As for the cameras, iPhone 7 plus will likely to have an optical zoom technology and 3D camera sensors. Finally, all of those predictions of iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras are still rumours. If you are highly anticipating the born of iPhone 7 plus, you sure have to be patient for the official statement and launching from Apple.

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