The Benefits Of Changing Soil In Potted Plants

If you have ever had a potted plant, chances are you have had to change the soil at some point. Here are a few benefits of changing soil in potted plants:

1. It can help to prevent pests and diseases

Pests and diseases can often build up in the soil of potted plants, especially if they are not regularly watered or if they are left in the same pot for a long time. By changing the soil, you can help to prevent these problems from developing.

2. It can improve drainage

Over time, the soil in potted plants can become compacted, which can make it difficult for water to drain away. This can lead to the plant becoming waterlogged, which can eventually kill it. Changing the soil can help to improve drainage and prevent this problem from occurring.

3. It can provide a fresh supply of nutrients

The nutrients in the soil of potted plants can become depleted over time, especially if the plants are heavily fertilised. This can cause the plants to become stunted and unhealthy. By changing the soil, you can provide a fresh supply of nutrients, which can help the plants to grow more vigorously.

4. It can make the plants look more attractive

Potted plants that are growing in old, tired-looking soil can often look unattractive. By changing the soil, you can make the plants look much more appealing.

5. It can save you money

If you buy new plants regularly, it can be expensive. However, by changing the soil in your potted plants, you can often bring them back to life and make them look like new. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.