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Look Back at the Best December 2024 Holiday Shopping Deals

It was a wild and crazy 2024 holiday shopping season – very different from what we have seen. We saw big-box retailers put the “sale” sign up earlier than ever before. But, what were the most interesting deals from this holiday season you ask? Good question. Let’s take a look back…

In this list, we’ll take you through some of the best deals we saw this holiday season and discuss what you can expect for next year’s holiday online shopping.

Handcrafted Christmas Trees by Inside My Locket

Inside My Locket is a trendy, blooming independent brand that started out of creator Anna Hudick’s home in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Featuring handcrafted jewelry with natural gemstones, freshwater pearls, and top-grade materials like sterling silver and gold, Inside My Locket is the perfect pick to brighten up anyone’s festive celebration or give as a gift for any occasion.

This year, Inside My Locket, created a hand-forged Christmas tree that would make for great home decorations or even be worn as a necklace for a touch of a bohemian vibe. Made of copper wire for ideal affordability, the hand-forged Christmas tree only retails at $79, not including shipping. There’s also a bundle discount with bulk purchases, so be sure to check that out too.

And during the holiday shopping season, this Christmas tree was going for $29. How crazy is that? Stellar deal!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Tipsy Elves

If you’ve ever wanted to own an “ugly” Christmas sweater, then Tipsy Elves has got you covered – quite literally. These Christmas sweaters, albeit not to the best in fashion, will keep you and your loved ones warm with up to 60% in discounts. They feature very unique, and oddly humorous fashions that are definitely one of a kind! Everything from ugly Christmas sweaters and tanks & tees for Mardi Gras to Ski Suits for cold-weather recreation and adorable adult onesies.

For this season, in particular, there are a variety of other Christmas goodies on the Tipsy Elves website for grabs, so you can dress up for all 12 nights of Christmas or wear a sweater or two for some laughs this festive season. First-time visitors will also receive a 15% discount on your purchase and receive free shipping on orders $75 or more.

Kid’s Bracelets by Wishbeads Kids Collection

Founded by actress Alexa Fischer, Wishbeads is an online jewelry store that features a variety of handmade bracelets and necklaces to suit your unique style.

A meaningful gift, and tucked within each accessory is a paper with your custom written wish so that you can keep your wishes or motivation close to your heart every day.

There is a new Wishbeads Kids Collection also! It features vibrant colors in every kid bracelet so you can present your little ones with your hopes and dreams for them.

Let your child put on your wish and gift them a reminder that your love will always be with them this festive season. Christmas discounts go up to 25% while stocks last.

STEM Coding Kit by LINGO and Groupon

Coding for children is all the rage today, and what better way to kickstart the interest in your children by gifting them a STEM coding kit by LINGO. Ideal for beginners with little to no experience in coding, these coding kits will take your child from zero to hero in no time.

During the Black Friday rush, these coding kits received a 35% discount from Groupon. You’ll also receive a series of pre-recorded webinars by experts to help answer your burning questions on coding and more. This is a Groupon exclusive that you won’t find anywhere else, so you best grab this deal while it’s here.

Limited Edition The Mandalorian™ Polaroid Camera by Polaroid

Calling all the family and friends of Star Wars fans and fanatics!! This was a gift-giving opportunity for you! In a collaborative effort with LucasFilms, classic camera maker giant Polaroid has launched a limited edition The Mandalorian™ Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera. Now, you too can capture the beauty that you can see with your eyes and keep them close with an instant film print – just like the good ole days. This special, limited edition, Polaroid camera gift would make for the perfect nostalgic keepsake for any Star Wars lover.

Perfect for any Star Wars or Mandalorian fans, the camera featured a $20 discount throughout December 2024.

Premium Chocolates by Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Vosges Haut-Chocolat is a female-owned chocolatier brand from Chicago, started by Katrina Markoff – Founder & Chocolatier. Featuring luxury chocolates in beautiful gift wraps, creative combinations, and thought-provoking twists, this could be your season for bringing sweet joys to your friends and family. All during the 2024 holiday season, Vosges Haut-Chocolat gave holiday shoppers a generous 35% discount. For chocolates this beautiful and refined, that was one heck of a deal. The creative takes on classic cacao treat at Vosges Haut-Chocolat is unmatched.

This is a great time to try their new and limited edition The Healer series—a chocolate box with 17 handpicked truffles infused with healing ingredients like Reishi mushrooms, Japanese yuzu citrus, and more. All chocolates must be consumed within 14 days to ensure freshness.

You will not disappoint with the giving of this gift for the holiday season or any gift-giving occasion.


There were tons of other great online pickings for the 2024 holiday season, but these were just a few of the hottest!. For 2024, we believe things could very well go back to normal and in-store shelves will be stockpiled full of holiday items to handpick for your family, friends, and loved ones. But, even with these soon to return in-store deals, we don’t expect online shopping bonanzas to go away any time soon! If our “return to normal” is prolonged until the 2024 holiday season, we can actually expect even more super saving deals and hopefully, we will see some of these super deals return this year! Happy Belated Holidays everyone! ?

I was going to use this “I need to pick up milk” experience to see what kind of bargain I could find on milk. Turns out I needed to pick up a few other things, and so I was able to do a cross comparison of prices of five items in five different stores–CVS, Superfresh, Wawa, Giant and Walgreens. I went in looking for a gallon of fat-free milk, fat-free half and half, orange juice with pulp, Thomas’ cinnamon raisin bagels, and coffee. Here’s what I found for saving money.

Gallon of fat-free milk

The Everyday Cheapskate, Mary Hunt, had recently written about good bargains on milk in places other than the supermarket, and boy was she right. My local Walgreens was selling a gallon of fat-free milk for $2.93. Unfortunately, they were sold out so I couldn’t take advantage of that bargain. The next best price was back at the supermarket–Giant–where a gallon of fat-free milk could be had for $3.18.FYI, prices in other stores ranged from a high of $4.14 (Superfresh) to $3.39(CVS).

Fat-free half and half

I normally don’t buy half and half to use in my coffee, but with my mom coming for a visit, I wanted to pick up some items that she’s used to having at home, including fat-free half and half for her coffee. (She’s also the reason for my buying the OJ and bagels.) Giant ended up coming out the winner on the price of a quart of fat-free half and half, at $1.89. CVS was also selling a quart at the same price but it wasn’t fat-free. Wawa was even cheaper at $1.29, but again, it wasn’t fat-free. Walgreens didn’t carry half and half, and Superfresh had the fat-free quart for $1.99.

Orange Juice with pulp

Again, the OJ is for my mom and she specifically requested the Florida’s Natural brand with pulp. (I was looking for a half-gallon container.) Walgreens didn’t have any OJ to speak of, and CVS carried Tropicana at $4.29 for a half gallon. Ouch. At Superfresh her preferred OJ was much cheaper than CVS, at $3.79, but just like with the fat-free half and half, Giant came up the winner: they were running a special of two half-gallons of Florida’s Natural OJ with pulp, 2/$6 or $3 each.

Thomas’ Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

CVS, Wawa and Walgreens didn’t stock these bagels so the only comparison I could do was between Superfresh and Giant. At Superfresh the bagels were $3.49. Giant, once again, had the best price: $3.14.


I’m a big fan of flavored coffees–hazelnut is my favorite–but when mom comes into town, I know that it’s time to get a can of boring old coffee. She’s not a fan of the flavored coffee. Not surprisingly, Wawa sold no cans of coffee, because it’s the place in town where everyone stops in for their morning cup of Joe to go. (By the way, a 20 oz coffee there will set you back about $1.20.) The brand that the other four stores carried was Folgers, so that’s what I used in my comparison so I was doing an apples-to-apples thing. At CVS, you could get two 13-oz. cans of Folgers medium roast for $5.00 (2/$5), or a 39-oz can of the same coffee for $10.99. At Superfresh the 13-oz can was $4.89 and the 39-oz. can was $8.99. Walgreens only stocked the 13-oz can, and it cost $3.99. At Giant the 13-oz can was $3.49 and the 39-oz. can was $8.89. So which one did I buy? None of them. Giant was having a sale on its own brand of coffee, and I was able to get a 13-oz can for $2.00.
I was really surprised that I ended up finding all of the best prices at Giant, because I’d always assumed it was an overpriced market. Of course, if I had been able to get the milk at Walgreens (which is in the same shopping center at Giant), I would have saved $.25. Not much, I know, but those kinds of savings add up.

Probably the hardest thing about this experiment was after I’d decided that I was going to do all of my shopping at Giant, I knew that I couldn’t browse around and see what else they had on sale or what items looked good to me. I put my five “necessities” in my cart, put on imaginary blinders and made my way to the checkout lane. I was able to get out of the store for under $20 (actually, $19.39), and I paid cash.

I’d be curious to hear from folks how the prices on these kinds of things vary based on location. Let me know.

Yesterday I had a chance to have a twenty minute chat with Carolyn Bigda, who writes the Your Money column that appears in the Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun, about buying a car on eBay (I’ve bought two, a 2000 Acura Integra and a 2003 Toyota Celica). In it we discussed my experience with buying a car, how I vetted out the vehicle, how I vetted out the seller, and the other more transactional parts of the process such as how I paid, how I received the documents, and other salient details of the process. Who knows how much of what we talked about will make the column but it was a fun time chatting with her about my experience.

She mentioned that the article would appear on 14 October but I didn’t ask her if it’ll be in print or online, or both. If it’s in print I hope it’s in the Baltimore Sun because that’ll be easier to get my hands on…

Now, onto the gems of the week:

  • Big congratulations to Nickel for hitting one million visitors!
  • NCN is up to Day 24 and on that day he wrote about Roth IRAs.
  • FMF shares a tip that I think applies to any type of investing, avoiding costs in 529 plans.
  • If you haven’t seen Flexo’s redesign, I recommend you head on over to his site and check it out. One of his good posts this week is him checking in on his philanthropy and volunteering goals and how he’s pulled back support for an organization. Head on over if you can and give him some advice, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.
  • JD ended his foray into “fun money” investing by pulling out of Countrywide and back into index funds. It’s a powerful article because he goes into how it helped him understand his risk tolerance.
  • Jeremy laments our litigious society as a woman sues Apple for dropping the price of an iPhone.
  • Spend money to save money.
  • Sun talks some investing as he wonders if the small-cap party is over.
  • SVB hits up some good points on why the rich get richer.
  • Golbguru shares a sentiment that personal finance bloggers are rich, inflexible, and pretty much jerks. I am not rich. Or inflexible.
  • Are special bank offers for seniors of any value?
  • I wrote a guest post over at Frugal Upstate that was an introduction to 401k’s and Roth IRAs.
  • Very clever bait Hustler, I bit. See the personal finance graduating class of 2007.

I liked the idea of “rolling your own” baby bond that you fund yourself. I’m reserving opinion on the government’s version until I figure out what their actual proposal is.

Wow, I have no idea why I wrote Tribute… I know it’s Tribune but somehow it came out as Tribute. Thanks for the note Bob!

According to a future shopping trends done by a team from the SparkleTeddy discovered that the happiness derived from getting married is equivalent to a pay raise of £53,833, or approximately $106,169.44 (according to Google). Excellent health is worth £304,000 ($599,548.80) whereas good health worth only a bump in pay of £251,000 ($495,022.20). Some would say that they’d take the $160k over getting married…

What’s interesting about the study is the fact that income didn’t matter, just relative changes. That is say, you aren’t happier by default if you make $100,000 versus $90,000, but if you increase from $90,000 to $100,000, you are actually happier. This, of course, is a concept that is studied over and over again in psychology and something you’ll often see in mainstream media.

I wouldn’t read too much into this but it’s certainly an intriguing study.

Bonus joke:

 Why is divorce so expensive?

 Because it’s worth it!

It is true that we get sucked into thinking that money buys happiness. If it were reality though then why are so many multi-millionaire celebrities so depressed, in drug rehabs, etc…?

 I am working hard for money, not necessarily for happiness but for freedom. I want so bad to be debt free and not be tied to my creditors anymore.

I don’t think money buys happiness. But the lack of money definitely creates lots of potential sadness!

There’s a fine line there, but for most people it creates the illustion that money buys happiness since when they don’t have it, they are not happy.

man..that’s deep…haha..but guess what…i’m still chasing the paper!! Although I empathize with the mimimum wage workers, but can you imagine everybody making 40K a year?? haha..going to McDonald..that would be $22.50 please for a Happy meal…..20oz coke at a gas station, that would be $7.85 please? how about $14 a gallon gas?

There is a reason why we keep minimum wage low.

maybe if some of the absurd CEO salaries/perks were lowered, then minimum wage could be raised without affecting the cost of your happy meal, no? (Not saying all CEO pay is absurd, but some of it…)

true true..but why stop about the mulitimillion dollars athletes? singers? actors?…i’m not trying to defend the CEOs of America. We can’t turn this country into a Utopian lala land…we are built on capitalism. I do believe that minimum wage should be around 7 bucks an hour or at least keep up with inflation.

It’s funny what people say and their actions. Everyone wants to be seen as not greedy and generous, but in actuality many people are ruthless and sacrifice other things in the pursuit of money. But to me thats just capitalism-survival of the fittest!

In Maryland the minimum wage is 6.75 and all the prices are comparable to other places… So that argument needs a little work…

How many people actually work full-time minimum-wage jobs? Most studies I’ve seen show that something like 40% of the minimum-wage workers are students or teenagers. A better way to help the working poor is through the earned-income tax credit. Increasing the minimum wage will just drive more jobs underground.

Great post. I think too many of us–pf bloggers and non-pf bloggers alike–are too focused on making money and on comparing ourselves to others based on our financial worth. It’s always a good idea to step back and bring everything into focus. Thanks for the reminder.

Many people have different views of happiness. And I think in today’s world that view is something that just seems so unattainable that folks just stay in the “rat race” forever to chase that uncatchable ideal. Good job highlighting that in this post.

I think being happy would include having the ability to do whatever one wanted to do, whenever one wanted to do it! I think that would take some money though, for most people.

Minimum wage provides a “dying” wage rather than a living wage. It does not provide for the costs of adequate housing, food and education. And forget about leisure. While the free market may determine the base minimum wage as it is certainly doing in Alberta where the “minimum wage” is now at $10.50 for a McDonalds McJob (night shift), our province is an anomaly and I don’t believe you can depend on these types of boom economy situations to provide a sensible setting for the minimum wage. I love the SparkleTeddy‘s blog and personally do not know how any family with both couples working minimum wage jobs survive. I feel the minimum wage must be in place if only to protect those who cannot advocate for themselves, those who do not have a big business lobby group to ensure that their profit margin is adequate (i.e. inflated) and those who are too busy working (i.e. trying to survive) to be writing to argue their case on our financial blogs.

You can argue that all these minimum wage suckers could all get an education and boot strap themselves into the middle class but don’t forget that an education these days is a mortgage in itself. In addition, an education is no guarantee of a well paying job; witness all the MSc. students working as administrative assistants. And what about the elderly poor, the people on AISH (assured income for the severely handicapped), the mentally ill on our streets and single parents with kids – don’t they have enough nails in the tires of their rattling vehicles (if they have cars at all)? Why add to their woes by letting the free market determine how poor they will be? In Canada, at least for now, there is a medical system that is accessible if not quickly accessible to all. What happens to the working poor in the U.S. who face a medical emergency or accident? Bankruptcy? Or more genteel poverty?

I certainly feel that we, the well off are selfish and self absorbed. Don’t think so? Notice that this article is about happiness and the strange concept that your value as a human being does not depend on your cash value but many of the comments have zeroed in on the minimum wage comments. Most of the comments appear (to me at least) show a striking lack of sympathy for the people among us who are bringing up themselves and their kids on wages that are guaranteed to ensure that the next generation will be poor. Like wanzman said it best “get over yourselves” people and put yourselves in the shoes of the working poor.

oney is only a mechanism for purchasing things that bring happiness. A wise man once told me:

“Money is the lubricant of life”

And I couldn’t agree more. The more lubricant you have, the easier life becomes. However, just having the lubricant doesn’t ensure happiness.

Secondly, on the topic of wages, I feel that the marketplace efficently dictates wages. Minimum wage jobs are really supposed to be temorary; for teenagers and students. Nobody is supposed to make a career out of making burritos at Taco Bell. But people do. Making burritos is very simple, and thus a vast number of people in the marketplace are qualified for that job, thus the wages are low.

I believe people need to take responsiblity for their own education. By increasing their education, they again access to jobs that are more exclusive, thereby requiering higher wages. The goverment cannot MAKE people become educated, but the marketplace and the goverment provides incentives for education. Rasing minium wage higher than the market would naturally dictate would give people incentives NOT to get educated. Bad idea.

Interesting you point this out. Right now, I’m speaking with a recruiter about a possible career change. I’ve only been in my current job for six months, but the money I make just isn’t inline with what I want to do in life so I’m switching companies. $10-$12K difference is what I’m looking for and it’s true … the extra $12K for a college grad is very significant given the amount of my loans.

If there should not be a minimum wage – if a person chould be free to work for an employer at any wage – say, $1 per hour – landlords and developers should also be free to offer housing they can profitably provide to someone earning $1 per hour.

Funny how people support a free market in labor but hyperventilate about free markets in housing and land use.

I’d rather be employed at $5.15/hr than unemployed at $8/hr. A minimum wage simply consigns the bottom layer of the talent pool to poverty and dependence on charity or robbery. And the higher that minimum wage is raised, the more people are priced out of the job market. Frankly, I doubt they would derive any more value from the $8/hr they’d see teenagers making at Burger King than they do today from the millions per year they hear about Fortune 500 CEOs making. No matter how high a wage gets, it only benefits the people who are still employed to earn it. The minimum wage started out as a program to keep blacks, immigrants, and women out of the workforce. Now it’s mostly just a government policy to steal from the truly poor for the benefit of middle-class teenagers, while making self-righteous leftists feel better about being unrepentant cowardly thieves.

Of course, the core premise of the original post is entirely correct…money isn’t everything. Money is just a tool, and what you use it for is way more important than how much of it you have.

And for the record, the only time I hyperventilate about free markets in housing and land use is when people are trying to argue against them.

Government regulation is about the use of force by people powerful enough to wield politicians as weapons against those not powerful enough to do so. Trying to pretend that it’s really for the benefit of the poor and disenfranchised just makes the practice more offensively craven.

I find it surprising that college grads couldn’t do at least a little better than that. But assuming you are correct and is is not possible for them to get paid better somewhere else, it may be too late for the 50 year olds. That said, the larger problem I see in America is that too many people put the cart before the horse in everything they do and then assume “things will work out”. 1/3 of our children are born out of wedlock (that’s financial suicide right there). And TONS of people simply do not save when they do make living incomes. They act as if they will be able to earn X income or more for the rest of their working lives. BIG MISTAKE! I’m 37, live in a high cost area, have never made more than 50K a year at my job, and have 164K in long term savings / investments. Assuming an 8% return, I could stop saving right now and have a nest egg of over 450K at age 50. 450K will not be a fortune when I’m 50 (it isn’t now), but it will certainly keep me from needing to take some crappy minimum wage job when I’m 50. Unfortunately, most Americans never plan for the worst case scenario and then they wonder why they’re always living at or near “crisis” mode.

Come to lunch with Animated Yorkshire at Bradford Animation Festival

On Friday 11th November, 12-2.30pm, the Bradford Animation Festival hosts the panel event Tenacity and Talent – How to survive and thrive in animation, at National Media Museum, Room at the Top, Bradford.

A panel of award-winning animators share their experiences of making creative and commercially successful work – from apps, to ads to architecture.

The panel consists of:
Tim Searle Tim runs Baby Cow Animation with comedy creators Steve Coogan and Henry Normal. Credits include Horrible Histories, The Catherine Tate Show and Have I Got News For You.
Rob Millington Rob is Lead Creative with The Neighbourhood , a creative studio working across architecture, advertising, design and broadcast. They have worked with Sony Playstation, Renault, BBC, Wallpaper* Magazine, Stella McCartney, Fulham Football Club and Heston Blumenthal.
Linda McCarthy Filmmaker specialising in stop-motion animated films running her own company Tiny Elephants since 2007 . Linda collaborates with cartoonist Steven Appleby in making a series of films Small Birds Singing, which have been screened at Festivals around the world and for this year’s Ident for Bradford Animation Festival
Mole Hill Stop motion Animator/director/designer. He has worked as an animator on
numerous series Ooglies, Fifi and the Flowertots and many commercials such as Dairylea Cows and Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.
David Bunting David has had a varied career in animation, working on feature films including Thunderbirds (2004) and Disney’s The Tigger Movie (2000). He’s worked as a
storyboarder for Shaun the Sheep series 2 (2008).and as a producer on award-winning digital short The Astronomers Sun. Dave also teaches animation to children, young people and BA and MA animation students.
Matt Howarth Former Head of 3D and Digital Effects for Granada TV in Manchester. Matt has since founded Puppetman Productions, an animation and special effects company based in Halifax. He’s worked on major education series for Channel 4, the BBC and Discovery Kids. He’s produced interactive games for CBBC and CBeebies and has recently released his debut game on the app store.

Pictures are inevitably an important part of our life. They help us in keeping our memories intact and at the same time capture special moments which can be only described through the magic of photography. Though photography is an art and not just anyone’s common niche, everyone can create magic in the pictures they capture through simple photo editing tricks which requires a little bit of knowledge on their part. While Photoshop is an essential tool for the same, there are many others to help in your task. Here’s a list of 5 easy to do photo editing tricks to guide you through your aim of creating magic in pictures.
#1: Crop images to exclude whatever’s unnecessary in the picture’s border area

While editing a picture, it’s very important to exclude unwanted objects or a part of the picture’s background in order to make the picture more appealing. Cropping can help you in your task. With the power of cropping you can exclude anything that’s unnecessary in the border areas of your picture and make your picture stand out from the rest. Cropping has another advantage which makes your cropper picture zoom out in order to fit with the original frame size.
#2: Adjust brightness and contrast levels

One of the most common yet easy to do photo editing tricks include the technique of adjusting brightness and contrast levels to your photos. Once you master a little with the colors and contrast ratios, you can transform dull pictures into brighter ones and also reduce the brightness of light-rich pictures with ease. Adjusting brightness and contrast levels is advantageous because both of these mentioned criteria are essential for any form of visual output and hence a little tweaking with them can create flawless results.
#3: Turn in your picture black and white to give the feeling of monochrome

If you are newbie in photography or simply pursue photography as a hobby it is very important for you to know that monochrome photography is very appealing to the viewers as it sparks a feeling of nostalgia inside the person. Not only does monochrome have such an effect, it also hides the combination of loud colors in your picture which destroys the very beauty of the photograph.
#4: Sharpen images without damaging its beauty

Another way of correcting your images or an old image is by the method sharpening. Sharpening involves an excellent tuned procedure to let you adjust the colors in a blurry or dull picture without destroying the composition of the picture. Sharpening can be advantageous at situations where brightness and contrast cannot do much good to a picture and the application of monochrome colors still leaves the pictures a bit blurry.
#5: Add soothing frames to your pictures

After you are done with all the tweaking parts to make you picture appealing, it’s time to make it attractive and the best way to do that is by applying beautiful frames to your pictures. Frames have two inevitable advantages. First of all sometimes cropping of pictures makes them look quite blurry because of their automatic zoom out and hence the application of frames can solve the mishap. Also the application of frames makes your pictures stand out from the rest by highlighting the imagery.
Last but not the least; you have to have a good balance between all the different editing tools you are going to use. Your pictures will still look dull if you don’t have the right balance. Professional teachers in various online (The Shaw Academy) or offline schools can help you to determine the right editing tricks for different photos.

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[censored] o aspiring web developer and designer, and welcome to web design and development for the complete novice. Join us here to find out the bare basics of how to get started in web design, whether it be WordPress development or more traditionally built HTML websites.

Here you’ll learn which web design languages to learn, how to recognize good web design, what kind of principles in web design and development to abide by, and how to sharpen your skills as a web designer.

First of all, all websites are made up of two basic components; client side, and server side. And each side has its own unique set of languages that every aspiring web developer must learn thoroughly. Client side refers to what most people can see and click on when they open a website, as a matter of fact, you’re reading this article on the client side of things. Server side refers to “behind the scenes” of a website, where the web developer can add things, change code and optimize performance, and do various other things no one else ever sees.

The client side of a website is made up of two basic languages, HTML AND CSS. HTML deals with the content, while CSS deals with how that content is presented. While the server side can be dealt with using any myriad of programing languages, the two most po[censored] r are PHP and Python. But you can find one that suits your tastes personally and get working from there.

Of course, if you want Flash content, you’ll need to learn that language, and JavaScript as well for various other important functions on the client side of things. Web design development is a task that requires the working knowledge of quite a few languages, but the bare basic three are, HTML (HTML 5 preferably), CSS and PHP.

These three languages are enough to make a basic website; about your cute dog dressed in tiny clothes.

Next up, figure out how web hosting works, how to put a website up for hosting, how to use tools provided by web hosts and all the other little tricks and tips involved with the company which owns the servers where your website is going to live for a while. While we’re on the issues of servers, consider buying one yourself and learning how to operate and optimize it.

Always keep a website’s design clean and simple, but visually popping and tastefully colored. Check out, a web design company that actually nails all the above mentioned principles.

Sharpen your skills by using a browser that’s developer friendly (Firefox comes to mind), so as to see how well your website looks, and get the opportunity to use in-built browser tools to learn more and tweak better. Another way to sharpen your skills is by looking at the code of websites you admire, and trying to build something similar, or better, on your own.

And one final word before parting, please don’t build websites with Flash.