Boost your productivity on Windows 10 with Virtual Desktops

Boost your productivity on Windows 10 with Virtual Desktops

For overclockers, who became my focus is to maximize the specific system to get high performance. So high performance is expected to increase productivity, improve computing comfort with shorter processing time, and perhaps add framerate. However, not all of the comfort and productivity must be obtained from the use of a fast computer, sometimes the optimization of some things that have nothing to do with performance still can have a good effect.

Not long ago I had decided to move to OS Windows 10 laptop everyday work. Although I do not like some aspects of the OS (also about the situation in which most benchmarks I walked still faster on Windows 7), but I was just made aware that there is one thing that I ignore, Virtual Desktop feature.

Accustomed to working with the monitor setup 2 or more at the office, it never occurred to test the Virtual Desktop feature at all because I already have a spacious work area for writing articles, look for additional material on the web, as well as do little retouching photos. However, the ‘dependency’ would be wide working area eventually have a bad effect when I work outside the office, which monitors both.


Various application window that goes directly visible simultaneously piling up, and a little inconvenient when switching from a variety of applications. ‘The View’ (Windows Key + Tab) did not help to make the work area clean, and a little aggravated with screen 11 “with a resolution of 1366 × 768 on a Dell Inspiron 3148 laptop that I use for work.

Then I read about the Virtual Desktop, and soon realized that I was quite ignorant when it ignores this feature! (Pretty stupid to laugh at someone from a company may already be using this feature since the beginning of Windows 10 was released).

On the next page, I will explain my experience utilizing the Windows 10 Virtual Desktops, which makes a more easy desktop display.

Here is a look at various applications that are open to the Task View (Windows Key + Tab):


Looks out over quite a lot of applications open (although this is not yet reflected in the area of my daily desktop, which is generally much messier than this).

In the bottom right corner, there is an option ‘New Desktop’ to add more desktop area:


Next, move some window to the desktop by drag & drop.


Some have been moved, but still much less tidy? Add one desktop again!


Here are all the graphic editing applications transferred to the desktop 3rd


Switching Desktop: Windows Key + Ctrl + (left / right arrow key)

Virtual Desktop which makes it easy and convenient to use is Windows provides shortcuts on the keyboard to move your desktop easily: Windows Key + Ctrl + (left/right arrow key).

Here’s the picture:


Naturally, GIF on less painting ‘real’ will transfer between desktop that happen smoothly, but at least you can see the process of transfer between desktop.

Shortcut list:

WIN + TAB: view tasks Launch
WIN + CTRL + LEFT / RIGHT: Switch to previous or next desktop
WIN + CTRL + D: Create a new desktop
WIN + CTRL + F4: Close the current desktop

The final result

Now, I work with desktop is divided into three:

Desktop 1: Notes to Schedules Article Articles + Idea + To-Do list

Desktop 2: WordPress Control Panel + Browser (+ Audio Player)

Desktop 3: Photo / Image Editing / Retouching / Batch Rename + Resizing (GIMP, FastStone)

As overclockers who have focused on improving productivity by making the hardware to operate faster, do not ever think that it is very simple, which might have nothing to do with increased performance and clockspeed, was able to make my everyday work easier.

Although it must be recognized this convenience would probably make my bad habits are lazy to close the application and browser windows that are not being used increasingly severe, let alone see the memory usage still relieved



This is a simple case study which sometimes there are small things that are not associated with a clock speed and performance, but they can improve the convenience of working with a computer, and create increased productivity as overclock even without a second screen. It seems I have to learn more

Hopefully, this simple review provides information that is useful to you, see you on the next tips & tricks!

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