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Yesterday I had a chance to have a twenty minute chat with Carolyn Bigda, who writes the Your Money column that appears in the Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun, about buying a car on eBay (I’ve bought two, a 2000 Acura Integra and a 2003 Toyota Celica). In it we discussed my experience with buying a car, how I vetted out the vehicle, how I vetted out the seller, and the other more transactional parts of the process such as how I paid, how I received the documents, and other salient details of the process. Who knows how much of what we talked about will make the column but it was a fun time chatting with her about my experience.

She mentioned that the article would appear on 14 October but I didn’t ask her if it’ll be in print or online, or both. If it’s in print I hope it’s in the Baltimore Sun because that’ll be easier to get my hands on…

Now, onto the gems of the week:

  • Big congratulations to Nickel for hitting one million visitors!
  • NCN is up to Day 24 and on that day he wrote about Roth IRAs.
  • FMF shares a tip that I think applies to any type of investing, avoiding costs in 529 plans.
  • If you haven’t seen Flexo’s redesign, I recommend you head on over to his site and check it out. One of his good posts this week is him checking in on his philanthropy and volunteering goals and how he’s pulled back support for an organization. Head on over if you can and give him some advice, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.
  • JD ended his foray into “fun money” investing by pulling out of Countrywide and back into index funds. It’s a powerful article because he goes into how it helped him understand his risk tolerance.
  • Jeremy laments our litigious society as a woman sues Apple for dropping the price of an iPhone.
  • Spend money to save money.
  • Sun talks some investing as he wonders if the small-cap party is over.
  • SVB hits up some good points on why the rich get richer.
  • Golbguru shares a sentiment that personal finance bloggers are rich, inflexible, and pretty much jerks. I am not rich. Or inflexible.
  • Are special bank offers for seniors of any value?
  • I wrote a guest post over at Frugal Upstate that was an introduction to 401k’s and Roth IRAs.
  • Very clever bait Hustler, I bit. See the personal finance graduating class of 2007.

I liked the idea of “rolling your own” baby bond that you fund yourself. I’m reserving opinion on the government’s version until I figure out what their actual proposal is.

Wow, I have no idea why I wrote Tribute… I know it’s Tribune but somehow it came out as Tribute. Thanks for the note Bob!

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