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Twitter Trends Nigeria on Tweeted.Today

Whether out of curiosity or for some kind of journalistic or marketing need, if you are in another country, knowing the Twitter trends Nigeria will no longer be a problem thanks to "Tweeted.If you have ever tried to see the Twitter trends of another country you will have realized that this is not possible, for this reason in "Tweeted.Thanks to our analytical data with graphs, maps and links of interest you can perform an in-depth analysis of what is trending topic Nigeria and know which days, in which other countries and in which other social networks it has also been a trending topic. You could get more info from this url

Top 10 Nigerian social media trends in 2021

The Nigerian social media space has always been notorious for its unmatched hilarity especially with its talented flock of creators.Alcohol Challenge Joeboy, a Nigerian singer known for his portable-length hit songs probably expected his September release, Alcohol to make a rave on the music scene.Scholarship Application Prank This Instagram-based trend entailed a prankster sitting down with their unknowing parent, partner, child, or friend, to make a video pitch to a fake scholarship body, stating why they should be considered for the opportunity. Time to get a fabulous information at this url

How Twitter rolled over to get unblocked in Nigeria

Twitter’s negotiated return to Nigeria, which was announced this week, has been in the works for months and was finalized before Jack Dorsey’s departure as the company’s CEO, a senior source in the Nigerian government told Rest of World.Nigeria ended its seven-month ban on Twitter after the social media company agreed to a list of demands from the government.The Buhari government was criticized by the U. Get the latest info at this url

Lagos-Based ValueJet Receives Two Ex-Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ900s

The two jets will remain at Lagos airport ahead of planned demonstration flights for Nigeria's civil aviation authority.Nigerian airline startup ValueJet has taken delivery of its first two aircraft.The aircraft will remain in Lagos while the carrier prepares for the demonstration flights required for the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority’s (NCAA) certification process. Feel free to reach out this at this url

Russian government procured powerful botnet to shift social media trending topics

A subcontractor for Russia’s Federal Security Service is accused of creating a powerful botnet that had the ability to not only launch damaging DDoS attacks but also manipulate trending topics on social media platforms, according to cybersecurity firm Nisos.While initial media reports on the documents obtained by the hacktivists’ focused on how the botnet — named Fronton — could be used to “turn off the Internet in a small country,” a deeper analysis showed that it was primarily developed “for coordinated inauthentic behavior on a massive scale,” Nisos said.“The system creates these events that it refers to as Инфоповоды, ‘newsbreaks,’ utilizing the botnet as a geographically distributed transport. Take advantage of these great news from this url

Top Twitter Trends in Nigeria Right Now

#ChildrensDay#NaOurOilMoney#AFROKINGEPc Check out these information at this url

Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter Board 16 Years After Co-founding Social Media Giant

The departure, first reported by Axios, means all of Twitter's founders have now severed official ties with the company.It comes after the entrepreneur was accused of stabbing the rest of the board in the back by helping the world's richest man, Elon Musk, acquire Twitter.Meanwhile billionaire Peter Thiel is also expected to leave Facebook despite being an early investor in the company. Feel free to reach out this at this url

Top 100 nigeria hashtags (#nigeria) - hashtagmenow

Best nigeria Hashtag for social media like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram Reels and Stories. #nigeria #lagos #nigerianwedding #naija #abuja #ankara #asoebibella #africa #senegal #Nigeria #fashion #nollywood #london #ankaralovers #portharcourt #bellanaija #jewellersofinstagram #uncutdiamondjewellery #diamondgirl #goldjewelry #instajewels #wedmegood #weddingsutra #jewellerystore #jadaujewellery #wedphotoinspiration #instalove #instawedding #bride #elegantgauri #follow #instalike #instadaily #followforfollowback #like #followme #like4like #commentforcomment #follow4followback #f4f #likeforlike #igers #likes4like #like4follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #followforlike #follow4like #likes #likeme #instafollow #followback Time to get a fabulous information at this url

Student in Nigeria Murdered Over Blasphemy Allegation

A female student, Deborah Samuel, was gruesomely murdered in Nigeria’s northwestern Sokoto state last week after she was accused of blasphemy.In one of several videos that have gone viral and caused uproar, men with sticks can be seen beating the lifeless, bloodied body of a woman, reported to be Samuel.Blasphemy accusations often trigger mob violence before authorities even get involved. Get the latest info at this url

Sir John’s ‘Michael Owusu’ Trends On Twitter

Social media users are seriously in search of one Micheal Owusu whose name appeared countless times in the purported will of the late CEO of the Forestry Commission, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie; popularly, known as ‘Sir John’.The Fourth Estate’s Manasseh Azure Awuni, on Monday morning, published the full details of the will, which incensed many social media users to join discussions about the will.Social media users have expressed shock over the will and how Michael Owusu’s’ name kept appearing in the will, Time to get a fabulous information at this url

Renewable Energy: Key Highlights of the Electricity Bill

The power generation mix for the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (the “NESI”) is dominated by gas with over 70% share of on-grid electricity generation, with hydro supplying the rest1 .Back to Basics, Continued — American Law Institute’s adoption of a “Restatement” of the Law of Consumer ContractsHold Your (Trojan) Horses: Alberta Court Finds Federal Impact Assessment Act Unconstitutional Get the latest info at this url

Campaign Social and Media Lead

Location: Ghana (Accra), Nigeria (Kaduna), Sierra Leone (Freetown), Kenya (Nairobi),Bangladesh (Dhaka)Purpose of role Our Social Media team have a great opportunity for a talented campaign and social media professional to join their smart team.Interviews are likely to take place during the week commencing 6 June 2022, but may be delayed. You could get more info from this url

Islamic State Terrorists Kill More Than 70 People In 72 Hours In Nigeria

Terrorists belonging to Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) killed 30 men in a revenge attack days after their top commanders were killed in military air strikes in Nigeria’s northeast Borno state.Militia leaders speaking to news agency AFP said that the terrorists seized the men from Mudu village of Nigeria’s Dikwa earlier on Saturday.Kolo who is stationed in Maiduguri said that the men were metal scrap scavengers who were in the area in search of burnt vehicles which are now common in villages in northern Borno following the Islamist violence in the region. Take advantage of these great news from this url

We keep digging the grave of education in Nigeria, by Olabisi Deji-Folutile

Nigerian students on Tuesday marked their 100 days of staying at home courtesy of the striking members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).In a normal clime, this would have sounded the death knell for the ruling All Progressives Party (APC) especially in a pre-election year.What’s more, Nigerians appear to be generally tired. Great Opportunity for more knowledge at this url

Why is Google laying a subsea internet cable in Africa?

Big tech companies from Silicon Valley tend to focus most business attention in the US and Europe where they make the most money.But subsea internet cable projects by Meta, and Google might be the peak of the current pack of Africa-focused investments from Silicon Valley.Juliet Ehimuan, Google’s director for west Africa, who has been at the forefront of the process of laying the company’s ‘Equiano’ internet cable in Africa, explained to Quartz what the company hopes to get out of the project. Time to get a fabulous information at this url

Militants kill at least 50 in Nigeria's northeastern state of Borno

At least 50 people were killed by militants on Sunday around the town of Rann in Nigeria's Borno state, in the country's northeastern tip near the border with Cameroon, witnesses told Reuters by phone on Monday.Over time, Boko Haram has split with an active offshoot called Islamic State West Africa Province also claiming responsibility for attacks in the west African country."We are all in pain over the killing of our innocent people who were working on their farmland. You could get more info from this url

It’s Time To Rebuild Nigeria, Together! & More Trending News Today

I humbly write to you to draw your attention to something that will spare us further agonies of misgovernance as the elections draw close.However, while the large number of political gladiators in the presidential race may be unprecedented and could be overwhelming for delegates across board, the wheat can be separated from the chaff by the assessment of their evidence-based track record and undefiled antecedent as well as the will power to act.It’s no longer news that the terrifying challenges in the country in all sectors requires a candidate that is indisputably fit to be a flag bearer of the PDP in the imminent presidential race. Great Opportunity for more knowledge at this url

Nigeria: There Is No Killing the Twitter Hashtag

Vanessa Obioha writes that the recent Twitter ban by the federal government will likely disconnect fans from their favourite celebrities but the hashtags which have become an emblem of Twitter may defy the banIntroduced to us by American blogger Chris Messina, the Twitter hashtag -- represented by the octothorpe or the hash sign -- is an essential part of communication and disseminating information on the social media site.Want to start a movement? Use the hashtag (#MeTooMovement). Explore and be sure to take advantage of these current information at this url

Here are the top 10 social media trends of 2021 in Nigeria

Over the course of this year, several trends dominated Nigeria’s social media space.Silhouette Challenge The challenge is one that went viral from TikTok and spread to other social media platforms like wild fire.The silhouette challenge theme song starts with “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” by Paul Anka before quickly changing into “Streets” by Doja Cat as the subject changes. Great Opportunity for more knowledge at this url

The year Africa trended on Twitter - CNN

IF you've ever been on the receiving end of trolling tweets, you'll know Twitter can be a cruel place.Although the president's security detail apparently attempted to suppress images of the incident by forcing photographers at the scene to delete it, pictures spread through the Twitter-sphere and the image was soon turned into memes and shared using the hashtag #MugabeFalls.In no time at all the nonagenarian was riding waves, in a Beyoncé music video, on Dancing with the Stars and running away from a hippo. Get the latest info at this url

The Nigerian Twitter is a dangerous place - Businessday NG

So, a fire started at Balogun market.Then Katie Hopkins, a British women media personality, columnist and former businesswoman went on Twitter, and dissed Nigerians over it.You see, some Nigerians spend half their day on Twitter abusing Buhari, or abusing those who abuse Buhari. Take advantage of these great news from this url

10 Twitter's Trending Topics in Nigeria: June (18-25) 2011

This week had a slow build up to trending topics as topics that did trend where closely related as a result of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria hosted by Silverbird Group.The fun topics were low probably due to the JAMB exams during the weekend or perharps it was a busy week for others.It’s interesting to see that as at the time of writing, topics related to the recently concluded event were still trending. Feel free to reach out this at this url

From politics to Hogwarts: a snapshot of Lagos in six hashtags

They say you can tell a lot about a city by when it goes to sleep, but what about how people tweet?As thousands descend on one of Africa’s major tech hubs for social media week, we asked iTrended.This was evident in the 2015 presidential campaign when candidates found themselves up against “an unruly and hyperactive online community demanding political reform”, says Galvin. Make sure to get this existing news at this url

Nigeria : : Twitter Trending Topics & Hashtags Now

Get the latest updates for twitter hashtags trends for every cities, states and country with fast data loading.The platforms algorithm dictates trends on Twitter.The algorithm likewise focuses on a new substance. Explore and be sure to take advantage of these current information at this url

Nigeria: Muslim mob burns shops in anger after it fails to find

On Monday, an enraged Islamist mob went on a rampage and set fire to over a dozen commercial and residential properties after they failed to nab a 40-year-old Christian lady whom they wanted to lynch over the charges of alleged blasphemy.The incident was reported from a town in Warji, Bauchi where the violent mob was upset over a message that was posted by the Christian lady on social media.Last week, a staffer of the Medical Department of Warji council area named Rhoda Jatau used Whatsapp social media to post a video message that was allegedly critical of Islam. Great Opportunity for more knowledge at this url

Nigeria and Developing Africa Group ink deal to launch a crypto project on Algorand

The Nigerian government has entered a three-year Intellectual Property Right (IPR) partnership with Developing Africa Group to launch a country-wide wallet and an IP exchange marketplace.The platform would enable Nigerians to upload any form of IP rights and trade, sell, or exchange them abroad.Koibanx will also be responsible for implementing the wallet, the token for the IP on sale, and a stable token, which will have the same value as the Naira. Great Opportunity for more knowledge at this url

Dimitris Athanasopoulos

Dimitris is an Associate Partner within EY’s Assurance Services in Greece, focusing on the transportation sector, including shipping.He is a Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of the UK.Dimitris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Finance and Banking Management from the University of Piraeus. Make sure to get this existing news at this url

Arbitration. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. D.C. Circuit

In January 2010, Process and Industrial Developments Limited ("P&ID") entered into a 20-year Gas Supply and Processing Agreement ("GSPA") with the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its Ministry of Petroleum Resources (collectively, "Nigeria").In August 2012, P&ID initiated arbitration proceedings in London, alleging that Nigeria failed both to supply the agreed-upon quantity of natural gas to P&ID and to construct the necessary pipeline infrastructure.In 2018, P&ID petitioned the United States District Court for the District of Columbia to confirm the arbitral award against Nigeria. Get the latest info at this url

RBI to explore policy framework for BigTech in FY23

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Friday said it was concerned about the systemic risks that come with the involvement of large technology companies in the financial sector. The central bank said while encouraging innovation, it was also factoring in emerging risks in the fintech segment. All such risks, RBI said, have implications for financial stability and therefore its endeavour is to mitigate such risks through careful choice of technology and frameworks. Make sure to get this existing news at this url

Riffa Ataaaq Leaked Viral Video Trending On TikTok Twitter & Reddit Wiki Biography – Tassco

Riffa Ataaaq Leaked Viral Video Trending On TikTok Twitter & Reddit Wiki Biography, #Riffa #Ataaaq #Leaked #Viral #Video #Trending #TikTok #Twitter #Reddit #Wiki #Biography Welcome to BLOG, This is the most recent breaking data and trending broacast that we’ve received for you as we communicate: : Nowadays, uncounted viral scandals are making their speedy look on social networking web sites, and practically every time these, clips keep the subject of huge dialogue whereas major the precise one.Something comparable is as soon as extra coming to the fore, as Riffa Ataaaq’s content material materials started making the massive rounds on social media like a wildfire. Great Opportunity for more knowledge at this url