Top 10 Wilton Cookie Decorating Supplies For Decorating Perfect Cookies

Top 10 Wilton Cookie Decorating Supplies For Decorating Perfect Cookies

Rolling pin

A good rolling pin is a must for anyone who wants to make perfect cookies. Wilton’s rolling pin is specifically designed for cookie dough, making it easy to roll out evenly.

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Cookie cutters

Wilton has a huge selection of cookie cutters in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also have a number of different themed sets, like Christmas or Halloween.

Decorating tips

Wilton’s decorating tips are perfect for creating all sorts of different designs on your cookies. They have a wide variety of tips, including some specifically for writing.

Decorating bags

Decorating bags are essential for filling and using decorating tips. Wilton’s decorating bags are made from durable polyester and have a convenient tie-top closure.


Wilton’s couplers make it easy to change decorating tips on the fly. They screw onto the decorating bag, and then the decorating tip screws onto the coupler.

Food coloring

Wilton’s food coloring is perfect for adding some color to your cookies. They have a wide variety of colors available, including some in gels.


No cookie is complete without some sprinkles! Wilton has a wide variety of sprinkles, including some shaped like stars or hearts.


Wilton’s icing is perfect for decorating cookies. It comes in a variety of colors, and can be easily thinned with water to create different effects.

iping gel

Piping gel is perfect for creating designs on cookies. Wilton’s piping gel is easy to use and dries clear, making it perfect for a variety of different designs.

cookie stamps

Cookie stamps are a fun way to decorate cookies. Wilton has a wide variety of cookie stamps, including some that create 3D designs.

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