Tips For Writing A Sick Day Letter To Your Boss

Tips For Writing A Sick Day Letter To Your Boss

Be honest

The first and most important tip is to be honest with your boss. If you are truly sick, then there is no need to try and fake it. Your boss will appreciate your honesty and will be more understanding.

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Do not lie

Lying about being sick is not a good idea. Not only will your boss be able to see through your lie, but it will also damage your credibility and trustworthiness.

Be brief

There is no need to go into great detail about your sickness. Simply state that you are sick and unable to come into work.

Do not make excuses

Making excuses will only make you look bad. If you are sick, then just say so.

Include a timeline

If you know how long you will be out sick, then include that information in your letter. This will help your boss plan for your absence.

Offer to work from home

If you are able, offer to work from home. This will show that you are still dedicated to your job, even though you are sick.

Thank your boss

Be sure to thank your boss for their understanding. This will show that you appreciate their accommodation.

-Start by saying how sorry you are for having to miss work.

-Explain what symptoms you’re experiencing.

-Assure your boss that you’re taking the necessary steps to get better.

-Offer to keep in touch with work via email or phone.

-End by saying how much you appreciate your job and how eager you are to return to work.

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