The most popular videos on Twitter this week

1. A man walks into a bar…

This classic joke never gets old, and it’s especially funny when it’s set to the tune of The Walking Dead theme song.

2. A dog does something unexpected

Dogs are always doing something unexpected, whether it’s stealing food off the counter or playing fetch with themselves. This video of a dog “singing” along to Adele’s “Someone Like You” is no exception. Be sure to check out what’s trending on Twitter at You never know, you might just find something that you enjoy watching.

3. A baby does something adorable

Babies are always doing something adorable, whether it’s giggling at their own reflection or taking their first steps. This video of a baby laughing hysterically at his own farts is no exception.

4. A cat does something hilarious

Cats are always doing something hilarious, whether it’s chasing their own tails or sleeping in weird positions. This video of a cat “playing” the piano is no exception.

5. A news anchor says something awkward

News anchors are always saying something awkward, whether it’s mispronouncing a word or stumbling over their words. This video of a news anchor saying “penis” on live TV is no exception.

6. A sports player does something amazing

Sports players are always doing something amazing, whether it’s scoring a game-winning touchdown or hitting a home run. This video of a soccer player scoring a goal from behind the net is no exception.

7. A celebrity does something relatable

Celebrities are always doing something relatable, whether it’s going to the grocery store or taking their kids to school. This video of Jennifer Lopez “twerking” is no exception.

8. A politician says something outrageous

Politicians are always saying something outrageous, whether it’s denying climate change or making racist comments. This video of Donald Trump saying “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters” is no exception.

9. A news reporter does something brave

News reporters are always doing something brave, whether it’s covering a war zone or standing up to a bully. This video of a news reporter getting hit by a stop sign while reporting on Hurricane Irma is no exception.

10. A person does something really stupid

People are always doing something really stupid, whether it’s jumping out of a moving car or setting themselves on fire. This video of a man setting himself on fire while trying to cook a turkey is no exception.

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