Look Back at the Best December 2024 Holiday Shopping Deals

It was a wild and crazy 2024 holiday shopping season – very different from what we have seen. We saw big-box retailers put the “sale” sign up earlier than ever before. But, what were the most interesting deals from this holiday season you ask? Good question. Let’s take a look back…

In this list, we’ll take you through some of the best deals we saw this holiday season and discuss what you can expect for next year’s holiday online shopping.

Handcrafted Christmas Trees by Inside My Locket

Inside My Locket is a trendy, blooming independent brand that started out of creator Anna Hudick’s home in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Featuring handcrafted jewelry with natural gemstones, freshwater pearls, and top-grade materials like sterling silver and gold, Inside My Locket is the perfect pick to brighten up anyone’s festive celebration or give as a gift for any occasion.

This year, Inside My Locket, created a hand-forged Christmas tree that would make for great home decorations or even be worn as a necklace for a touch of a bohemian vibe. Made of copper wire for ideal affordability, the hand-forged Christmas tree only retails at $79, not including shipping. There’s also a bundle discount with bulk purchases, so be sure to check that out too.

And during the holiday shopping season, this Christmas tree was going for $29. How crazy is that? Stellar deal!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Tipsy Elves

If you’ve ever wanted to own an “ugly” Christmas sweater, then Tipsy Elves has got you covered – quite literally. These Christmas sweaters, albeit not to the best in fashion, will keep you and your loved ones warm with up to 60% in discounts. They feature very unique, and oddly humorous fashions that are definitely one of a kind! Everything from ugly Christmas sweaters and tanks & tees for Mardi Gras to Ski Suits for cold-weather recreation and adorable adult onesies.

For this season, in particular, there are a variety of other Christmas goodies on the Tipsy Elves website for grabs, so you can dress up for all 12 nights of Christmas or wear a sweater or two for some laughs this festive season. First-time visitors will also receive a 15% discount on your purchase and receive free shipping on orders $75 or more.

Kid’s Bracelets by Wishbeads Kids Collection

Founded by actress Alexa Fischer, Wishbeads is an online jewelry store that features a variety of handmade bracelets and necklaces to suit your unique style.

A meaningful gift, and tucked within each accessory is a paper with your custom written wish so that you can keep your wishes or motivation close to your heart every day.

There is a new Wishbeads Kids Collection also! It features vibrant colors in every kid bracelet so you can present your little ones with your hopes and dreams for them.

Let your child put on your wish and gift them a reminder that your love will always be with them this festive season. Christmas discounts go up to 25% while stocks last.

STEM Coding Kit by LINGO and Groupon

Coding for children is all the rage today, and what better way to kickstart the interest in your children by gifting them a STEM coding kit by LINGO. Ideal for beginners with little to no experience in coding, these coding kits will take your child from zero to hero in no time.

During the Black Friday rush, these coding kits received a 35% discount from Groupon. You’ll also receive a series of pre-recorded webinars by experts to help answer your burning questions on coding and more. This is a Groupon exclusive that you won’t find anywhere else, so you best grab this deal while it’s here.

Limited Edition The Mandalorian™ Polaroid Camera by Polaroid

Calling all the family and friends of Star Wars fans and fanatics!! This was a gift-giving opportunity for you! In a collaborative effort with LucasFilms, classic camera maker giant Polaroid has launched a limited edition The Mandalorian™ Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera. Now, you too can capture the beauty that you can see with your eyes and keep them close with an instant film print – just like the good ole days. This special, limited edition, Polaroid camera gift would make for the perfect nostalgic keepsake for any Star Wars lover.

Perfect for any Star Wars or Mandalorian fans, the camera featured a $20 discount throughout December 2024.

Premium Chocolates by Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Vosges Haut-Chocolat is a female-owned chocolatier brand from Chicago, started by Katrina Markoff – Founder & Chocolatier. Featuring luxury chocolates in beautiful gift wraps, creative combinations, and thought-provoking twists, this could be your season for bringing sweet joys to your friends and family. All during the 2024 holiday season, Vosges Haut-Chocolat gave holiday shoppers a generous 35% discount. For chocolates this beautiful and refined, that was one heck of a deal. The creative takes on classic cacao treat at Vosges Haut-Chocolat is unmatched.

This is a great time to try their new and limited edition The Healer series—a chocolate box with 17 handpicked truffles infused with healing ingredients like Reishi mushrooms, Japanese yuzu citrus, and more. All chocolates must be consumed within 14 days to ensure freshness.

You will not disappoint with the giving of this gift for the holiday season or any gift-giving occasion.


There were tons of other great online pickings for the 2024 holiday season, but these were just a few of the hottest!. For 2024, we believe things could very well go back to normal and in-store shelves will be stockpiled full of holiday items to handpick for your family, friends, and loved ones. But, even with these soon to return in-store deals, we don’t expect online shopping bonanzas to go away any time soon! If our “return to normal” is prolonged until the 2024 holiday season, we can actually expect even more super saving deals and hopefully, we will see some of these super deals return this year! Happy Belated Holidays everyone! ?

How To Save Money On Your Christmas Tree This Year With Christmas Tree Shops Promo Codes

Christmas trees can be expensive, especially if you want a really good one. But there are ways to save money on your Christmas tree purchase, and one of them is by using Christmas Tree Shops promo codes.

You can also find coupons online on websites like RetailMeNot.com and Coupons.com. When you find a coupon for an item you need, make sure to print it out or save it to your phone so you have it with you when you go to the store.

Christmas Tree Shops is a popular retailer for Christmas trees and other holiday decorations. They offer a wide variety of trees, including pre-lit trees, flocked trees, and artificial trees. And they frequently offer promotional codes and coupons that can save you money on your purchase.

Here are some tips for finding Christmas Tree Shops promo codes:

Check the Christmas Tree Shops website. They often list current promo codes and coupons on their homepage.

Sign up for their email list. By signing up for their email list, you’ll be among the first to know about any new promo codes or coupons that they’re offering.

Follow them on social media. Christmas Tree Shops is active on social media, and they often share promo codes and coupons on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Check coupon websites. There are a number of websites that specialize in collecting coupons and promo codes for a variety of retailers. A quick search for “Christmas Tree Shops promo codes” should turn up a few of these websites.

Ask around. If you know anyone who has recently purchased a Christmas tree from Christmas Tree Shops, they might be able to tell you about any promo codes or coupons that they used.

By following these tips, you should be able to find some Christmas Tree Shops promo codes that will save you money on your Christmas tree purchase.

If you’re anything like the Grinch, you probably dread Christmas tree shopping. It’s hard to find a tree that’s the perfect size, shape and price, and it’s even harder to find one that will stay alive through the holiday season. This year, save yourself some time and money by shopping at Christmas Tree Shops with a promo code.

How to make your Christmas tree last longer

Once you’ve found the perfect tree, it’s important to take care of it so it will last through the holidays. Here are a few tips to make your Christmas tree last longer:

– Keep the tree well-watered. A tree can drink up to a gallon of water a day, so be sure to check the water level daily.

– Keep the tree away from heat sources. This will help prevent the tree from drying out.

– Use a tree stand that is the proper size for your tree. A too-small stand can cause the tree to topple over, while a too-large stand can make the tree unstable.

How to decorate your Christmas tree

Now that you have your tree, it’s time to decorate! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

– Start with the lights. String the lights around the tree, starting at the trunk and working your way up.

– Add the garland. Drape the garland around the tree, letting it drape down in natural folds.

– Hang the ornaments. Start with the larger ornaments, then fill in with the smaller ones.

How to troubleshoot common Christmas tree problems

Even the best-kept tree can run into problems. Here are a few common problems and how to fix them:

– Lights not working: Check the bulbs and the sockets. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and make sure the sockets are tight.

– Tree toppling over: Check the size of the tree stand and make sure it is the proper size for your tree.

– Ornaments falling off: Make sure the ornaments are securely fastened to the tree. You can use ornament hooks or ribbon to help keep them in place.

How to take care of your Christmas tree after the holidays

Once Christmas is over, it’s time to take down the tree. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your tree after the holidays:

– Remove the decorations. Carefully take down the lights, garland and ornaments. Store them away safely for next year.

– Cut off the branches. Use pruning shears to cut off the branches, making sure to cut them at a 45-degree angle.

– Dispose of the tree. Most communities have tree recycling programs, or you can take the tree to a landfill.

By following these tips, you can save money on your Christmas tree and make it last longer. So get out there and start shopping! And don’t forget to use those Christmas Tree Shops promo codes.