Save Money By Learning Good Shopping Habits

Save Money By Learning Good Shopping Habits

I love finding bargains and deals, and even in this economy, they are possible. I get my bargains from many sources and using several methods; I can share with you what I have learned. There are many ways to trim dollars and cents off of your shopping budget. Being prepared and gaining insights into buying and selling patterns of stores, manufacturers will help you master the art of saving. My top tips to get the most out of your spending dollars.

1. Patience is a virtue.

Collect and clip insert coupons and internet coupons, many sets if possible. Many coupons offer great discounts if you can learn when to redeem them. Many times I have gotten a better bargain by holding on to coupons and keeping a lookout on special sales and clearances. It isn’t always best to redeem them as soon as you acquire them. If a coupon is valid for 6 months, Keep your eye on sales papers for loss leader sales. By redeeming coupons then you can save extra discounts over what you would have saved if you had used it on a regular price item. I often use coupons on manager specials of food items that are about to expire, Buying these items then and freezing will save you money. If such a sale hasn’t appeared within five and half months, Go ahead and use it if you buy that item regularly for your household. It is better to save those few cents than not.

2. The 4 Seasons of Shopping

Retail stores have cycle patterns of when they put items on sale and clearance. Pay close attention to your regular stores and learn that pattern to maximize your savings. I always buy Christmas and Winter Holiday items week after the holiday and after the beginning of the new year depending on how the store does it markdown cycle. It is cheaper to buy ahead of time for the next year than buy for that year right before the holiday.

3. Be the Teacher, Become the Student.

The best thing I have learned that helped me save is finding a friend or an online community to ask questions and compare strategies. I have learned from people here how to watch for deals, avoid wary websites, and learn the true prices of items to be able to identify if sale prices were real or just a regular priced ploy. Once you learn to recognize true prices, That will help you avoid overpaying. When you get a chance, share what you learned with others. Smart consumers make for a better marketplace.

4. The Codes are the Keys.

Most of my purchases online involve promotion codes or coupon codes. These promo codes are great combined with clearance sales and no minimum purchase free shipping offers. Many websites have user-submitted databases of promo codes and checking them every time you make a purchase is a good habit.

Learning these habits and even developing your own strategies can increase savings by cutting out impulse regular priced purchases. Improving your buying skills will give you power over your budget and keep you in good financial shape.

What are your strategies and habits that you have learned to save money? Share in the comment area below.

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