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Boost your productivity on Windows 10 with Virtual Desktops

For overclockers, who became my focus is to maximize the specific system to get high performance. So high performance is expected to increase productivity, improve computing comfort with shorter processing time, and perhaps add framerate. However, not all of the comfort and productivity must be obtained from the use of a fast computer, sometimes the optimization of some things that have nothing to do with performance still can have a good effect.

Not long ago I had decided to move to OS Windows 10 laptop everyday work. Although I do not like some aspects of the OS (also about the situation in which most benchmarks I walked still faster on Windows 7), but I was just made aware that there is one thing that I ignore, Virtual Desktop feature.

Accustomed to working with the monitor setup 2 or more at the office, it never occurred to test the Virtual Desktop feature at all because I already have a spacious work area for writing articles, look for additional material on the web, as well as do little retouching photos. However, the ‘dependency’ would be wide working area eventually have a bad effect when I work outside the office, which monitors both.


Various application window that goes directly visible simultaneously piling up, and a little inconvenient when switching from a variety of applications. ‘The View’ (Windows Key + Tab) did not help to make the work area clean, and a little aggravated with screen 11 “with a resolution of 1366 × 768 on a Dell Inspiron 3148 laptop that I use for work.

Then I read about the Virtual Desktop, and soon realized that I was quite ignorant when it ignores this feature! (Pretty stupid to laugh at someone from a company may already be using this feature since the beginning of Windows 10 was released).

On the next page, I will explain my experience utilizing the Windows 10 Virtual Desktops, which makes a more easy desktop display.

Here is a look at various applications that are open to the Task View (Windows Key + Tab):


Looks out over quite a lot of applications open (although this is not yet reflected in the area of my daily desktop, which is generally much messier than this).

In the bottom right corner, there is an option ‘New Desktop’ to add more desktop area:


Next, move some window to the desktop by drag & drop.


Some have been moved, but still much less tidy? Add one desktop again!


Here are all the graphic editing applications transferred to the desktop 3rd


Switching Desktop: Windows Key + Ctrl + (left / right arrow key)

Virtual Desktop which makes it easy and convenient to use is Windows provides shortcuts on the keyboard to move your desktop easily: Windows Key + Ctrl + (left/right arrow key).

Here’s the picture:


Naturally, GIF on less painting ‘real’ will transfer between desktop that happen smoothly, but at least you can see the process of transfer between desktop.

Shortcut list:

WIN + TAB: view tasks Launch
WIN + CTRL + LEFT / RIGHT: Switch to previous or next desktop
WIN + CTRL + D: Create a new desktop
WIN + CTRL + F4: Close the current desktop

The final result

Now, I work with desktop is divided into three:

Desktop 1: Notes to Schedules Article Articles + Idea + To-Do list

Desktop 2: WordPress Control Panel + Browser (+ Audio Player)

Desktop 3: Photo / Image Editing / Retouching / Batch Rename + Resizing (GIMP, FastStone)

As overclockers who have focused on improving productivity by making the hardware to operate faster, do not ever think that it is very simple, which might have nothing to do with increased performance and clockspeed, was able to make my everyday work easier.

Although it must be recognized this convenience would probably make my bad habits are lazy to close the application and browser windows that are not being used increasingly severe, let alone see the memory usage still relieved



This is a simple case study which sometimes there are small things that are not associated with a clock speed and performance, but they can improve the convenience of working with a computer, and create increased productivity as overclock even without a second screen. It seems I have to learn more

Hopefully, this simple review provides information that is useful to you, see you on the next tips & tricks!

iPhone Camera App For A Beatiful Reminiscence

Selfie here, selfie there. Take a lot of precious pictures while you can. People nowadays love to be a “photographer”.  Some love to capture their own photos while travelling, others prefer to take a shot of beautiful places they visit, or strange people they meet. In other words, many of us becomes a sudden photographer and capture whatever moments we want. Considering yourself as a “newbie” photographer as you are not using any professional cameras such as SLR or others, you can rely on your iPhone. iPhone original camera, however, still lack of variations of photos filter and editor. So, here are some free iPhone camera app that will enhance the beauty of your captured moments.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is already a famous software for its capabilities in photo editing. Even though the tool bar will appear smaller on your iPhone screen, it is not a big deal, since you can still use Adobe’s popular tools such as selection tools, layers, adjustments, and any other effects to make your photo more outstanding.


Instagram has been popular as a social media application which can capture and edit a picture directly from the app, or simply edit and upload photos already in your gallery. Not only it has various filter and photo editor, you can always directly share your pictures of moments with Instagram.


Luminance is the next recommended iPhone camera app for you. It allows you to do experiments to your photos with several filters available. It also gives you choice of whether you want to resize your photo for editing or stay with the original one.

There are still a lot of amazing iPhone camera app you can try including the paid one such as Camera+, Pro Camera 9, Facetune, and Manual. Both free and paid camera application for iPhone can be downloaded from iTunes App Store.

The Mistakes you use the money for your living expenses

Stale food.

Common mistakes can be made by anyone: you spontaneously buy something you think you would enjoy, for example, a bottle of yogurt drink, and after some time, you get yourself rid of it because of the date. This also happens when your refrigerator is filled with too much food is not really easy to eat quickly – most of the products made from milk, or a variety of meat, just because they are so fast. Although this is a big leak money, the solution is simple, bring your shopping list with you. This way you will know exactly what you are buying and how much you spend. It will not only save time, but it will help you avoid buying too much junk food that you really want to avoid if you are aiming for the body this summer.

Wasted energy.

Wasted energy on the other hand, is way more difficult to control than the cost of food. This includes electricity, water and heating bills. the fastest way to potentially save money on energy is to check for any leaks literal. Open all your plumbing, check if there is a small pool of water or when wet pipe itself. If that happens, call a plumber or try to fix it yourself, which we were not advised because it can be sorted out. Also if there is a funny smell gas in your basement, immediately call a technician and never attempt to strike a light in that place, unless you really want to burn your eyebrows, or even worse! The second part of plugging this puncture is way more difficult, it’s changing your habits. It is quite clear, as we’ve all heard it before, turn off all the lights when you leave a room, not leaving electrical devices that could deplete your savings. simple trick to save water is to take a cold shower. There are countless benefits of a cold shower for your health, and also save money because no one will take more than five minutes to take a shower. If you save money on the water, you should also, unfortunately, gave in to their sweet bubble bath, but do not worry, it’s all worth it in the long run.

A Fancy Place.

Another big money leaks is quite simple, it’s all a posh area in your town that just scream “Expend your money here”. In case you’ve come this far into this article, we assume that you save or at least thinking about saving money, so you may already avoid areas like the devil himself, but that’s not all. Although they did not look like it, bar, pool and bowling house and all other entertainment venues like ridiculously expensive, and we do not talk about the exhibition itself – we can not really change, you need to relax occasionally. We’re talking about all the expensive food and alcohol. It may be a good idea to leave home with a full stomach, and do a little “warm up” with your friends before going for the pool match next, in the end, you do not go to the bowling alley to eat – the point is to play bowling and had a great time good and it is possible to do this without creating an empty void out of your wallet.

iPhone 7 Plus With Dual Cameras, Will the Rumor becomes True?

It seems like yesterday that iPhone just released the 6S plus, yet right now, the iPhone 7 plus will launch in the half quarter of 2016. Rumour has it. Another rumour said that the 7 plus will feature a dual cameras technology with a smart connector near the bottom of the phone. Meanwhile, all the dimensions and designs are pretty similar to what iPhone 6 plus already has but slightly thinner. Let’s take a closer look to the prediction of iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras.

Unlike the previous 6S model, iPhone 7 plus will not have antenna bars. Ceramic will be the material of the body instead of alumunium. Moreover, the rumours spread all over the internet said that there will be no either headphone jack or lightning port. Speaking of which, iPhone 7 plus will likely show up with a lot of functions omitted, including the home button. It will be replaced by a 3D technology touch screen that already displayed on iPhone 6S. When iPhone thinks that gorilla glass is an old style, and that they will use sapphire glass which is stronger than the gorilla. Indeed, an iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras should get a best protection to avoid the dissapointment of any damages.

Another iPhone 7 Plus new features which will not be found in other models of iPhone are its sensitivity over using a gloves, capable in drying out of wet iPhone, wireless charging, USB C-Port, dynamic home button, iOS 10, 32 GB storage starter, A10 processor, 3GB RAM, and a hundred times faster new wireless, LiFi. As for the cameras, iPhone 7 plus will likely to have an optical zoom technology and 3D camera sensors. Finally, all of those predictions of iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras are still rumours. If you are highly anticipating the born of iPhone 7 plus, you sure have to be patient for the official statement and launching from Apple.

The Latest Android Version for Upgraded Features on Your Smarphone

Android has been known as having a quite rapid improvements, for it always has its own competitor, the iOS. The first Android system to be launched in 2007 is the Android 1.0 or Android Alpha. After 2 years of seeking the goods and flaws of the 1.0 version, Google released Android 1.5 in 2009, or we know it as Android Cupcake. As Android loves to use sweets name for the system and according to the alphabet, you will meet Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, IceCream Sandwich, Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop, and our latest Android version, Marhsmallow.

Marshmallow is Android 6.1 system that launched on October 5th 2015. This cute and chewy naming is actually an improvement and extension of previous Android system, Lollipop. Marshmallow comes with a purpose to help user faster in doing their activity and business using their smartphones. Now on Tap will help you switch to another applications or windows without leaving or altering what you are doing at that moment. Now on Tap allows you to do multi-tasking and help you to be faster! This latest Android version has a smart batteries which will help you to save your smartphone’s energy. There will be a limitation of time for a standby app and Doze will turn your phone to a sleep state when it is at rest mode. No need to worry about your privacy since Marshmallow allows you to control of what and when you want to share your activities or work with others. Moreover, fingerprint security system offers a high level of protection to your smartphone, since the key is in your hand!

To upgrade your smartphone to the latest Android version, you need to ready a compatible smartphone or tablet. If you are good, you can continue to the Setting and open About Device menu and start the software update. Remember pals, you better have a good internet connection for this upgrade!

How to Choose the Best Korean Cosmetics

Do you want to have skin as beauty as Korean women? Do you want to know how the work of Korean cosmetics to your face is? Well, many people wondering how Korean women look very beautiful with natural make up on their face. We cannot deny that we want to have such that beautiful skin and beautiful face. Actually, some of Korean women only do the makeup in a simple way. However, the first thing that you have to remember is that you have to collect some kinds of cosmetics, which are bought, from Korea.

Korean Cosmetics that usually used by Korean women to get their natural face are something like BB Cream, foundation, lipstick and many things else. You can buy the cosmetics with Korean brand to make sure that you get the high quality makeup for your beauty needs. What are the brands for Korean makeup kits? Well, some popular name of Korean brands are Nature Republic, Tony Moly, Etude House, and many other brands that also can provide you a high quality of cosmetics stuff. After knowing the popular brands from Korea, you can start to collect you makeup kits one by one.

After that, you have to know how to apply it on your skin or face. So, you have to read the instruction that you will get after buying the stuff. You do not have to worry, since the products of Korean Cosmetics are already spread universally, you will get the manual in English language too. So, it will help you to understand the instruction how to apply any cosmetics that you have bought before. Make sure that you read the whole of the instruction and make sure that you buy the best cosmetics one. So, you can put the makeup on your face as the Korean do with their face.

Online Coupon Codes and Its Function for You

Online coupon codes might be one important thing for some people who need it. Well, having a coupon is something interesting for some people. Moreover, it would be more interesting when the online coupon can be use for several important needed.

A coupon usually gives you different choice of function of the coupon. Usually, the coupon is used to get the discount of some online shop or some stores that provides the costumers to get the discount from the online coupon. Sometimes, some brands also provides the online coupon for those customers who always have in faith with them.

The online coupon codes are needed so that the coupon can be used for the transaction. You can look for the codes or ask the codes, but sometimes it needs some requirement that would be different from one store with another store.

Besides that, the number or the percentage of each coupon will be also different, it can be started from 10% of discount up to 40% of discount. It depends on the promo that is going on in the store. So, you have to pray so that your favorite store will give you the coupon for the discount.

How you can use the coupon? If you ask about how you can use it, of course you have to get the codes first, so that you can get that online coupon. Besides that, you also can use the coupon for some needs if you think that you need the stuff.

The stuff that you can buy with the online coupon is also sometimes limited by the store, so not all stuff you can buy even though you got the online coupon, if the store does not allow for it. So, use your online coupon or online coupon codes as wise as you can.

Databases are a necessity for any modern application. You might choose to go the traditional relation route, or choose a more hip NoSQL option. As developers we are often taught to load/query based on primary keys because it is more performant. The downside to this approach is you might possibly be leaking sensitive information that you never intended. How is this possible?

SQL / Relational Example

Ids in relational databases are usually integers or some variation of that, this allows us to get really succinct and clear urls in our web apps. Let’s take the following url as an example.


That is a clean url, but let’s look at it from an outsiders perspective. What might we be able to guess from the url.

  • We are looking at User #100
  • We are looking at Order #1000

We might also be able to glean how much each order is based on site information. This site might be selling $20 trinkets. So let’s break it down.

100 users * 1000 orders * $20 = $2,000,000

I now know that this business has a likely income of $2,000,000 dollars. This is sensitive information that the business might not want getting out, but as developers we may have just spilled the beans.

Let’s take Tech.Pro for example. I know that they use SQL Server on the backend and each post is given a numeric id. This post’s id is 1538. It might be a safe guess to make that there are 1538 posts on Tech.Pro as of writing this post.

NoSQL (RavenDB) Example

The default behavior of RavenDB is to associate the domain model name with your Id.


if you are using sharding your id might look like this.


If this Id is publicly visible, what can we tell about our application?

  • You have a Shard based on the geographic region of “USA”
  • You have a domain model of Customers
  • You potentially have 1000+ customers

the last point of 1000+ customers is iffy since RavenDB uses a hilo algorithm, but it might be close enough to get an understanding of the user base. Additionally, you know that the developer has a domain object of customers. Knowing how a developer is structuring an app might give you insight into how to break their app.


The solution is really simple, but complex in its implementation.

You need to generate your own public facing Ids.

Some ways to generate it might include the following data.

  • Date and Time
  • Guid (non-sequential)
  • Counts relative to that specific user (if user data)
  • Slugs based on public data

The above solution will work for both RDMBS and NoSQL databases, since your Id will likely be part of your primary or secondary indexes.


Next time you think about exposing a default Id from your database, think about the implications to your business and ask yourself: “Do I really want people knowing this information?”

P.S. Sorry for the terrible Adult diapers joke in the title 🙂

After a long time of programming, I’ve realized that nulls are just evil, but what is worse is the idea that a collection can be null. This might be a provocative thing to say, or you might be on my side. I’ll try to explain myself and see if you agree with me.


Every programming language has concepts centered around Set theory. If you are a C# programmer then you might know these sets by other names: Array, List, Collection, and Queue. There are many more than that. If you are unsure what a set is, then please allow me to explain?

A set is a well defined collection of objects. The objects that make up a set (also known as the elements or members of a set) can be anything: numbers, people, letters of the alphabet, other sets, and so on. – Wikipedia

So a set is just a group of stuff, seems simple enough right?

The Problem

In languages that support null values, a variable defined as a set can also itself be null. This can lead to situations where you get in trouble for asking questions about a specific set that is null. The number one question being the length of the set. This also leads to a lot of null checking that seems, to me at least, unnecessary.

My Argument

In .NET everything derives from the object class. This includes our favorite collections: List, Array, etc. This means that technically collections can be null, since they derive from object. This is an oversight by the .Net creators, since collections should fundamentally be a description of a set of 0 or more things. This means a set of nothing is a valid set, while nothing (null) is not a set by definition since it is not a group.

We deal with sets all the time in code, and an empty set is very useful. You might see things like this in your code or other codebases:

// Hey Set, How are you?
if (users.Any()) 

var max = Values.Max();
var min = Values.Min();

var hits = Punches.Sum();

Notice those descriptive methods still give you valuable information about the set, even if you imagine those sets are empty. I always do null checking on my sets, but why doesn’t the language just not allow sets to be null anymore and save us all a lot of time?


This workaround isn’t a silver bullet, but I found it helps me a lot. I have also noticed, by skimming other projects on GitHub, that this is a more common problem than you think.

public class User {

    public User() {
       // a new user gets a new set
       Phones = new List<string>();

    public IList<string> Phones { get; set; }

You just set the collection / set in the constructor and it should be safe to start off with. The only issue is that the set operator is still exposed. You could solve this by not exposing it; this can be accomplished by using the protected or private keywords.


Some might argue that nulls are valuable, and I do recognize their value in some circumstances, but when it comes to collections it does not make any sense to allow them to be null. This would be near the top of the wish list in any new language / framework. Microsoft, if you are reading this, then I beg you to consider making this fix in the next version of the .Net Framework, or at least tell me why I’m wrong.