Last Minute Tech Gifts for Moms

Last Minute Tech Gifts for Moms

If you slacked on finding the perfect gift for mom, I’ve got some last-minute tech gifts to keep her connected and make her life easier (because isn’t that least you can do for mom? -> sarcastic 🙂 ). Here are my favorites… and mom doesn’t even have to be tech-savvy to use them.

Striiv Smart Pedometer

The Striiv Smart Pedometer is more personal trainer than pedometer. It learns your behavior and says all the right things to help you move more, eat better and reach all your health and wellness goals. The color touchscreen provides instant feedback and encouragement throughout the day— and you can even make free donations to charity just by staying active. Perfect for any mom who thinks she’s too busy to go to the gym.

Alesya Bags

Mom might need to carry around her laptop, but that doesn’t mean she wants to look like a cookie-cutter cubicle dweller going it. Chuck her black nylon laptop bag and get her a gorgeous bag from Alesya instead. Her laptop will be snug and easily accessible from the side zipper, plus there’s plenty of room for peripherals and girly things. From the outside, no one will know it’s not the “it” bag of the season.


With a life always on the run, you can fault mom for losing the occasional phone, wallet, pet or child… avoid all such mishaps with the Bikn system. Install the Bikn app and then add tags to up to 8 things that matter most to her. Now the phone finds them, and they can find the phone when one goes missing. So simple, I wish I had thought of it.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Somewhere in between a smartphone and a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note knows how to multi-task just like mom does. Use the pressure-sensitive “S Pen” to draw, sketch, or handwrite a note with ease, and the super-large screen means she can catch up on TV shows in the carpool line.

Motorola Roadster

Mom’s always in the car, and people are always trying to reach her. Bad combination, if you want to drive safely. Motorola solves this conundrum Roadster, a hand-free bluetooth speaker that reads your texts to you, and allows you to dictate your response. Now she can drive with little distraction (unless you factor in the raucous group of kids in the backseat).

Nook Simple Touch with Glo Light

I’m a big fan of gadgets that do one thing really well. So, in spite of my love for tablets, I think that when it comes to reading, eReaders are the best experience. However, they have one downfall— nighttime reading, which to me, is the best kind of reading. Barnes & Noble has reinvented the Nook by adding a glow that you can adjust for optimal viewing at night, while still enjoying the glare-free clarity of an e Ink eReader. Late nights with 50 Shades of Gray never looked so good.


Moms usually assume the role of Chief Memory Officer (in other words, she’s behind the camera, not in front of it). Get her ready for her close-up with theSwivl, her own personal cameraman. Drop your iDevice into the base station and the Swivl will follow your every move, panning and tilting to keep you in frame while you chase after the kids, move around the kitchen, or multitask while video chatting with the grandparents. A CD quality microphone ensures you capture the best possible sound even if your’e moving further away from the camera.

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