Amazon New Fire TV Stick Specs

Amazon New Fire TV Stick Specs

If you are wondering what is Amazon New Fire TV stick is, you should read the name again. Yes, it’s all in the name. It’s a TV stick that belongs to the Amazon Fire range. Basically, the stick is the media streamer that brings to fight to the Google Chromecast. As we know that Google Chromecast took the market by storm, then Amazon New Fire is a rival to Google’s mini streamer which packs a great specification for such a small device. If you have the Amazon Fire TV box at your home, you will be familiar with this stick.

Product Review

This TV stick takes many of the same features and crams them into a HDMI dongle. It’s means that you can stream full HD content from services such as Amazon Prime Instant Video. Netflix, or BBC iPlayer. You can also stream music from Spotify and play a mobile game from the Amazon App Store with Amazon New Fire TV stick. The Fire TV stick from Amazon has petite and powerful design. Compare with Google Chromecast or even Roku Streaming Stick, this stick fits flush with most TV’s HDMI ports and it comes with a fairly decent remote which doesn’t have the voice control feature of the Fire TV box remote.

The stick also has USB cable that you can plug into your TV or into the bundled mains adaptor.  For playing games for playing games, you are free to synchronize it with the Amazon’s Fire Game Controller that sold separately. Unfortunately, you can’t use the USB port on the TV. What does it mean? It means that you need another device if you want to plug more cable on there.

The stick’s size is 84,9 x 25 x 11,5 mm and has the Amazon logo on one side. The matte black dongle is as same as the Roku Streaming Stick but taller. This stick doesn’t have reset button in case the software freezes. It is amazing that Quad-Core SnapDragon is chosen as the processor of the TV. But it is only 2GB to 1GB of RAM and also uses an older Bluetooth 3.0 standard.

Luckily, it still has 8 GB of internal storage and the same brilliant Wi-Fi connectivity. If you want a streaming stick which trouble-free, then this Amazon New Fire TV stick is right for you. And it’s definitely worth it and affordable. Click here to purchase this TV stick from Amazon.

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