5 easy to do photo editing tricks

Pictures are inevitably an important part of our life. They help us in keeping our memories intact and at the same time capture special moments which can be only described through the magic of photography. Though photography is an art and not just anyone’s common niche, everyone can create magic in the pictures they capture through simple photo editing tricks which requires a little bit of knowledge on their part. While Photoshop is an essential tool for the same, there are many others to help in your task. Here’s a list of 5 easy to do photo editing tricks to guide you through your aim of creating magic in pictures.
#1: Crop images to exclude whatever’s unnecessary in the picture’s border area

While editing a picture, it’s very important to exclude unwanted objects or a part of the picture’s background in order to make the picture more appealing. Cropping can help you in your task. With the power of cropping you can exclude anything that’s unnecessary in the border areas of your picture and make your picture stand out from the rest. Cropping has another advantage which makes your cropper picture zoom out in order to fit with the original frame size.
#2: Adjust brightness and contrast levels

One of the most common yet easy to do photo editing tricks include the technique of adjusting brightness and contrast levels to your photos. Once you master a little with the colors and contrast ratios, you can transform dull pictures into brighter ones and also reduce the brightness of light-rich pictures with ease. Adjusting brightness and contrast levels is advantageous because both of these mentioned criteria are essential for any form of visual output and hence a little tweaking with them can create flawless results.
#3: Turn in your picture black and white to give the feeling of monochrome

If you are newbie in photography or simply pursue photography as a hobby it is very important for you to know that monochrome photography is very appealing to the viewers as it sparks a feeling of nostalgia inside the person. Not only does monochrome have such an effect, it also hides the combination of loud colors in your picture which destroys the very beauty of the photograph.
#4: Sharpen images without damaging its beauty

Another way of correcting your images or an old image is by the method sharpening. Sharpening involves an excellent tuned procedure to let you adjust the colors in a blurry or dull picture without destroying the composition of the picture. Sharpening can be advantageous at situations where brightness and contrast cannot do much good to a picture and the application of monochrome colors still leaves the pictures a bit blurry.
#5: Add soothing frames to your pictures

After you are done with all the tweaking parts to make you picture appealing, it’s time to make it attractive and the best way to do that is by applying beautiful frames to your pictures. Frames have two inevitable advantages. First of all sometimes cropping of pictures makes them look quite blurry because of their automatic zoom out and hence the application of frames can solve the mishap. Also the application of frames makes your pictures stand out from the rest by highlighting the imagery.
Last but not the least; you have to have a good balance between all the different editing tools you are going to use. Your pictures will still look dull if you don’t have the right balance. Professional teachers in various online (The Shaw Academy) or offline schools can help you to determine the right editing tricks for different photos.

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