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Top 10 Tablet Brands 2013

Few year back people were oblivious about tablets but recently their popularity has been spread like a storm all over the world. Consumers have now more choice than ever as there are many brands that are manufacturing tablets. However, with countless choices comes the problem of deciding which brand to go for. Tablets now run many platforms like Android, Microsoft windows and iOS. Android and iOS has massive application library but windows tablets are lacking behind in this aspect. The mass confusion of price and performance has blown the mind of people. In this post Top 10 Tablet Brands will be covered that will help you in deciding which brand will be most suitable for you.



It is the most widely known brand in the electronics. Apple tablets are the most outstanding tablets with immense power and display capabilities. Recently apple launched it second class of tablets called iPad mini. These tablets are outstanding in every aspect like watching full high definitions movies, recording videos, extensive application library and many others. The best feature of Apple tablets is its remarkable eye-catching retina display.



Samsung is also leading in to tablets with its variety of tablets models. Samsung tablets run on two platforms; android and Microsoft windows. The performance and reliability of these tablets are remarkable, the latest android tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 and windows RT tablet Ativ S, are the beast in performance. But Samsung is more focused on manufacturing Android tablets, at which they are best.


With evolving technology Asus also decided to step up in the crowd of tablets and managed to squeeze couple of tablets, mainly android. The most famous and inexpensive Asus Nexus seven is widely popular, giving all the features that a consumer seeks in a tablet. And if you can spare more money Asus Transformer tablets can be a good choice. On the windows side Asus Vivo tab is another inexpensive tablet with detachable keyboard and good battery life.


Dell is manufacturing truly amazing tablets, just like other computing companies they are more focused on windows 8RT platform. Dell tablets possess huge attractive screens with hardcore hardware components. They can be bit pricier than other computing companies. But designs and performance are worth spending.


Acer does not contributed much in the tablets and only launched few tablets of Iconia series. Which comes in both platforms, android and windows 8RT. Acer products are relatively cheap than other manufacturers and also packs massive performance gear. The battery life is very impressive of Iconia series but average build quality.


Toshiba is emphasizing more on manufacturing high end android tablets. The latest Toshiba AT300 is a brilliant master piece with fast processor for a great price. It is also one of the slimmest tablets which give it an extra touch of elegancy. You can also opt for Excite 10 for latest operating system and better user interface.


HP is manufacturing the most innovating tablets running solely on windows 8RT platform. They have immense power and various connectivity options, supporting wide range of external devices. HP has also manufactured an android tablet, named as HP Slate which delivers good performance. HP envy x2 and HP Slate are the best tablets in terms of performance and looks.


Lenovo has also made quite a few tablets. The latest Lenovo IdeaTab is becoming popular because of its affordability and reliability. It is also on android platform. Windows 8 tablets are not up to the mark and offer mediocre performance.


Sony recently stepped up into manufacturing the latest and most innovative tablet series and within short period it has successfully made its name. It is manufacturing high end tablets that tick every box of needs that consumers desires. Sony Xperia tablet S is the best tablet yet, with great performance and strong build quality. One distinguished feature of sony is that they provide resistance to rough usage.


Motorola has emerged now in a new line of android products. However, it manufactured just couple of tablets that have been out dated now. They were all running android operating system. Motorola XOOM was the last tablet it launched few years back.