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Windows Movie Maker Software vs Mac IMovie

Windows Movie Maker is free software video editor that Microsoft has provided for the user PC for free.

For those of you who know, the Mac is the platform of choice for video editing. The Mac is still the first choice for professional video editors so the supply of Windows Movie Maker has a lot of ground to make up if you want to compete with the likes of Final Cut Pro and iMovie programs are the backbone of the offer Mac . So, where does that leave those of you with your PC? Although there are a lot of programs that provide video editing, Adobe Premiere and Vegas Video spring to mind, none of them has really gained the popularity that was expected. The Mac platform has just been too strong even for beginners to video editing.

Windows Movie Maker

imovie Windows Movie MakerTwo important factors are the high cost of software and interface software newbie confusion. Using a more graphical interface, developers have moved away from programs more Windows-like feel and this has negatively affected usability. Windows Movie Maker debuted in 2000, bundled with the Windows ME operating system. The program was the first shot to give Windows users an editing capabilities, but unfortunately it was of little use. Although easy to use that had a limited ability to import files in common, but its biggest project back was the ME operating system, the system itself. Transferring data from your hard drive camcorders just not worth it and no problems.

Later, Windows XP included a refurbished video editing program, Windows Movie Maker 1.1. This was also a bit ‘damp squib of. Built-in support for video and photo capture was a step in the right direction, but simply was no match for iMovie Maker. Where you able to finally capture and export uncompressed DV-AVI from digital cameras, which was another small step in the right direction, but it was only good enough to recommend.
In 2003, Microsoft released Windows Movie Maker 2.0. Available as a free download, only works under Windows XP operating system. This completely new program, while looking the same as previous versions, is actually a big improvement over those previous offers.

The problems and limitations, which, when the ruins of earlier versions, have been addressed and resolved quite well. It is better to DV-AVI import / export from camcorders and video effects, transitions and multiple titling and advanced features make this a much better piece of software.

Movie Maker is a very simple and intuitive piece of software for those of you who are used to the interface of Windows. The layout is logical and you will see that you will be able to understand most of what the program can do in less than an hour. Windows Movie Maker is a pleasure to use and the ability to work both in timeline and standard simplified storyboard format makes it easy to use. The new title creator might take a little ‘getting used to, but overall you’ll find that the software Windows Movie Maker is more than a match for the titles available competitors.


imovie Windows Movie MakerApple offers iMovie video editor for all around. Here’s the best news for you, it’s free. If you buy a Mac, is already included. For those who are not so basic video editing, this program might work for you. It is not necessary to know the affairs of complex video editing using iMovie. The program is really at hand and is great to begin with. The controls on the screen are limited and therefore will not be faced with multiple windows on the computer. Most programs have cluttered screen space, making it very difficult for beginners to determine the appropriate command to use. With limited screen buttons, you can simply maneuver through the program. With iMovie, you can easily drag, drop and use the mouse to click. You can also import photos, music and other media types. The program is built automatically, and access links are also provided.

The application is limited to Mac iMovie If you use Windows, you can not use and you can stick to Media Player instead. For best results, get a Sony or Canon Mini DV and HD. PAL standard cameras do not work with iMovie, so opt for the camera and if you are currently using the program.  The library offers new features of iMovie 8. If you are aware of how to work on the old iMovie, it will have no discomfort for the job again. Some say that with the new program, third-party plug-ins will not work. Well, that’s for you to look at. Yet, this program is one of the best video editing tools for sale for newbies.

There must be a pro to edit or create videos. If you have a Mac, then you may already use this program. Learn the basics of video editing and how the program works. If you already have a camera, you can get started with video editing work. The transition from windows to Mac is a fundamental decision. If you are using glasses these days, using the Media Player is one of the options. If you want to try to iMovie, you should get a Mac Have fun creating and editing fun memories on video.

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