Electronics seems evolving day to day like a speed of light. Many new models and technologies of electronics stuff hit the market. As you are now probably having the most high-tech HDTV, in a few months your HDTV will already be out of date. Electronics stuff somehow becomes important to us human not only to […]

PC here, PC there, PC everywhere! PC or personal computer has now been a primary needs for everyone from students to businesspeople, men, and women. PC has a lot of functions, and its purpose depends on owner’s goals. PC differs from one to another in specifications, brands, and price. Buyers would first see the specs […]

Do you want to shop for your needs? You may use the Cyber Monday deal which will make you luckier to take the lower price of items that you need. Before getting some information about where you can get your deal, you may know about what is cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is a marketing term […]

Technology might be the most needed thing in this time. Why? Because mostly everything that we need and taken from gadget which is one of the best technology product. Then, to get the high tech in this era, we even have bigger willing to save up. However, you are like to be coupon-catcher you may […]

For overclockers, who became my focus is to maximize the specific system to get high performance. So high performance is expected to increase productivity, improve computing comfort with shorter processing time, and perhaps add framerate. However, not all of the comfort and productivity must be obtained from the use of a fast computer, sometimes the […]

Selfie here, selfie there. Take a lot of precious pictures while you can. People nowadays love to be a “photographer”.  Some love to capture their own photos while travelling, others prefer to take a shot of beautiful places they visit, or strange people they meet. In other words, many of us becomes a sudden photographer […]

Stale food. Common mistakes can be made by anyone: you spontaneously buy something you think you would enjoy, for example, a bottle of yogurt drink, and after some time, you get yourself rid of it because of the date. This also happens when your refrigerator is filled with too much food is not really easy […]

It seems like yesterday that iPhone just released the 6S plus, yet right now, the iPhone 7 plus will launch in the half quarter of 2016. Rumour has it. Another rumour said that the 7 plus will feature a dual cameras technology with a smart connector near the bottom of the phone. Meanwhile, all the […]

Android has been known as having a quite rapid improvements, for it always has its own competitor, the iOS. The first Android system to be launched in 2007 is the Android 1.0 or Android Alpha. After 2 years of seeking the goods and flaws of the 1.0 version, Google released Android 1.5 in 2009, or […]

Do you want to have skin as beauty as Korean women? Do you want to know how the work of Korean cosmetics to your face is? Well, many people wondering how Korean women look very beautiful with natural make up on their face. We cannot deny that we want to have such that beautiful skin […]

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